The program was designed with the following assumption – effective organizations build relationships with core audiences and strive to be a good relationship partner by communicating ethically. The IMC curriculum incorporates a mixed-methods approach to the study of communication, is applicable to a wide range of industries, and focuses on internal and external organizational communication. Students have the flexibility of choosing a master’s thesis or professional project as the final capstone project.

COM 531 IMC and the Strategic MindsetTerm 1 – prerequisite for all following courses
COM 500 Mixed Research Methods in IMC ITerm 2
COM 532 Critical Topics in IMCTerm 3
COM 533 Organizational Culture, Identity and BrandTerm 4
COM 539 IMC Applied Learning ProjectTerm 5 *depends on program start
COM 534 Communication Ethics and IMCTerm 6
COM 535 Diversity, Inclusion and the IMC ChallengeTerm 7
COM 537 Crisis Communication and IMCTerm 8 *choose between COM 502 and COM 537
COM 502 Mixed Research Methods in IMC IITerm 8 *choose between COM 502 and COM 537
COM 536 Digital Storytelling and IMCTerm 9
COM 590 IMC CapstoneTerm 10
COM 591 Directed Independent StudyFlexible

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