The Integrated Marketing Communication field is constantly expanding. Not quite sure what you are looking to do with your master’s degree in IMC? Let us help you find the perfect position! It’s important to fill the position that allows you to work to your fullest and optimize your skillset. The job titles below are just a few examples of the roles you can fulfill with this degree. However, your opportunities are endless.

Marketing Specialist

Marketing Specialists develop, execute, and track marketing campaigns for businesses and organizations. Graduates with a master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communication utilize research methods to track marketing campaigns, conduct potential target audience research, and evaluating the impact of their marketing initiatives with clear and measurable goal-setting tactics.

Public Relations Director

Public Relations Directors develop and execute strategies intended to create and uphold a positive image for customers and potential customers. They set objectives for the organizations PR team, cultivate and maintain relationships with media and influential personnel in the industry, and engage with target audiences to boost brand awareness. Graduates with a master’s degree in IMC excel in this position by deploying their expertise in varying social networks, excellent presentation skills to serve as the organization’s spokesperson, and ability to nurture long-term relationships with professionals.

Business Strategy Consultant

Business Strategy Consultants help organizational leaders with decision-making in regards to their strategy of business. They assist in determining who the company is regarding their brand and company culture, where the company has their sights set regarding growth and innovation, and the resources that the organization will need to reach these goals. Graduates with a master’s degree in IMC excel in this position by drawing on knowledge of finding opportunities of differentiation from competitors, setting strategic priorities and measurable goals, and communicating with a team or group to ensure the entire company is motivated and onboard.

Social Media Manager

Social media management and advertising are an integral piece of an online marketing strategy in any organization. Social media is about people, communication, and developing relationships. Social media managers develop strategies to engage their organization’s audience of customers and potential customers. Graduates with a master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communication are able to draw upon their knowledge of brand and media trends to harness the attention of their customers and provide engaging content.

Digital Product Manager

The Digital Product Manager acts as a liaison between the consumers and the technical teams of an organization. This position requires listening to consumer needs through research or analytics and communicating those needs into new product features. Graduates with a master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communication excel in this position by utilizing their knowledge of thoughtful strategy, communicating information, and the ability to build trusting relationships.